Glen Canyon Rediscovered at Mountainfilm

Posted by Taylor Graham on 1st Jun 2018

The Glen Canyon Rediscovered Team conducts an audience Q&A after the world premiere of Seldom Seen Sleight at the 2018 Mountainfilm Festival.

Glen Canyon Rediscovered team members Taylor Graham, Isabelle La Motte, and Micah Berman were on hand for the 2018 Telluride Mountainfilm Festival, where Seldom Seen Sleight premiered to a packed house at the Sheridan Oprah House. The weekend was chock full of diverse presentations and screenings and left the team reinvigorated and humbled to be a part of the Mountainfilm community.

Special thanks go to Ken Sleight, who is an incredible voice for the greater Southwest and has inspired a new generation of activists and monkey-wrenchers through his continued efforts to restore the Glen.